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"New Single "look Who's Talking Now "
now available on all platforms!"

 March 15,2022 The new song "Look Who's Talking Now" by Jackson Hollow was written by Jerry Salley, Leslie Satcher, and Melba Montgomery. It 's spot on delivery, by lead vocalist Tianna Lefebvre and the band bring it to life, telling us of a long standing relationship twist.



"Sidetracks with Joey Black in New York City!"

"New Single "put yourself in my place "
now available on all platforms"

Mountain Fever Records is closing out the month with a new single from Canadian grassers Jackson Hollow, their remake of the 1991 Pam Tillis number, Put Yourself in My Place, written by Carl Jackson and Pam Tillis.


"We are so honoured to be nominated for the 
Josie music awards for Bluegrass 
Single of the Year for "Shallow Rivers"
and win the BC Country Music Association
Traditional Country Award!"


" Canadian Beats names Jackson Hollow
one of the top 5 bands in British Columbia"

Top Five Britsh Columbia-based bands that we’ve covered in 2022, as chosen by Canadian Beats Media Editor, Jenna Melanson


"The International Bluegrass Music Association is excited to announce Jackson Hollow as one of the second round of Official Showcase Artists for the IBMA Bluegrass Ramble, In Raleigh, North Carolina, September 28 - 30." 


"NO Hollow Sound.The Pandemic has had a silver lining for the young and talented rising bluegrass band Jackson Hollow.After being signed to Mountain Fever Records during the pandemic,Jackson Hollow works on Bluegrass CD and releases “Travelling’ Heart on Sirius radio".


"Being able to bring their close-knit musical circle of friends, says, Mike, “it means more now than it ever has.”

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